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What’s in a Logo?

You’ve seen the Memphis Library Foundation logo, but have you really looked at it? At first glance, it looks like a bridge. That’s intentional. The bridge, of course, echoes the Memphis “M” bridge over the Mississippi. But there’s more to it. The bridge represents the private support that the Foundation raises to bridge the gap in funding for the Memphis Public Library & Information Center.  The Library is a stellar example of a public/private partnership. The bridge in our logo symbolizes that partnership.

But look closer. You’ll see that the shape of the bridge is also the shape of an open book. And what better symbol for Library support than an open book? The Foundation is committed to keeping the metaphorical book open for our community. The Library provides free access to information – the proverbial “open book.” The support provided by the Memphis Library Foundation expands and enhances the critical services that the Library provides.

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