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Why Support the Library?

Once in awhile we run into someone who says, “Why should I support the Library? It’s going  to be gone in 10 years anyway. Besides, my tax dollars go toward the Library.”

We welcome these encounters because it gives us a chance to set the record straight.   Invariably, these people haven’t been to the Library lately. They don’t have any idea how  many people use the Library (3 million annually) and the multitude of ways in which they use it. Here are some examples:

     –  Young parents bring their children to free StoryTime and puppet shows

     –  Job seekers come to our JobLINC staff for free assistance with resumes

     –  Seniors check out large print books and take our free computer classes

     –  Visually impaired people listen to WYPL to hear books read aloud

     –  Music aficionados check out free cds of emerging and classic artists

     –  Genealogy buffs research their family in the Memphis Room

     –  Book club members download the latest novels for free to their e-readers

     –  Recent immigrants check out free books in their native language

     –  Teens get free help after school with sources for their research papers

     –  Citizens in need call 2-1-1 for free assistance with local services

     –  Entrepreneurs attend free workshops on starting a businesses

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